JOHN: Why did you write “Rat Pack Party Girl?”

JANE McCORMICK: I wanted to expose what men have done to me and how it damages girls. I want people to know that I had to pay a big price to be the top “call girl” of Vegas. That girls should see that I was beaten, my money taken and I’m lucky to still be alive. That no one should be able to buy or sell a human being for sex and that the laws need to be enforced. If there were no “johns” there would be no “prostitutes.” And the slime of the earth is a “pimp!”

JOHN: Was it difficult to recall certain events to write the book?

JANE McCORMICK: Yes. I still have nightmares of my stepfather molesting me in my bed. I suffer PTSD from it today.

JOHN: Do survivors of abuse and advocates of women’s rights often speak with you, and relate their stories?

JANE McCORMICK: After writing my first book in 2007, “Breaking My Silence: Confessions of a Rat Pack Party Girl and sex-trade survivor,” I felt it was important to start a local cable show to bring awareness to the public about non-profit organizations, survivor stories, law enforcement, college programs, etc., so victims can find help and others could learn more about prostitution and its foundation.
Rat Pack Party Girl: From Prostitute to Women’s Advocate, takes my life step farther, explaining my struggles to get out of prostitution, my fight to protect my daughters and finding support and happiness with the woman I’m with today.

My story is a journey about the closed doors of Vegas back in the 60s. How did I end up there and how did I get out? I speak as a Women’s Advocate to tell other young women to not fall into the horrible life of prostitution. To find help and peace in their lives.

JOHN: Did you like meeting different and famous people, and did you get caught up in a life style?

JANE McCORMICK: First of all, I wouldn’t have been with these guys if it wasn’t for the “big” money. As I described in the book, when Dean Martin was ironing one-hundred-dollar bills on the bar or when Frank and the guys threw hundred-dollar chips on the craps table, I thought, why not just give me the money so I could go home and be with Johnny. Money was like water in Vegas during the 60s, and these “johns” were my tricks! All of them were wealthy and some extremely talented. And yes, I got caught up in the rich life style. Who wouldn’t like to be treated like a queen and many times the crowd asked me for my autograph when I was with them.

JOHN: Do you recall good times, as well as sad?

JANE McCORMICK: Of course I do! The good times were plenty and the sad times were brutal. For instance, Johnny loved it when I brought a lot of money home and threw it on the bed. He treated me like a groomed stallion. But when I wanted to stop turning tricks, he beat me physically and mentally. I was his money maker and he loved to spend it on cars, land, mobile homes, cloths, jewelry, motorcycles, yachts and himself. He was in control and I wanted to keep him happy so he wouldn’t beat me.



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