Reno Perez is set to release a new eight-song compilation album named “This Hell” March 31st at the Havana Night Club in Corpus Christi TX, followed by a a second release party at the Town Talk Tavern April 1st.

Before that, Reno will close out the night at 10:45 March 14th in Austin, TX at the Austin Symphony Square on Red River, for Margo Rey at the “Ron White Presents Margo Rey” show. Special pre-release limited edition albums will be available for sale at this location only.

Reno started his journey as a classical mariachi, but an early interest in the blues and country music propelled him to the spotlight on stages with country greats like Merle Haggard, Travis Tritt and Johnny Rodriguez, as well as blues legend Pinetop Perkins, and south Texas sensation Rocky Benton.

“This Hell” is an anthology gathered from Reno’s personal experiences. The perspicacity of his observations about the human condition have led him to pen lyrics that strike a common chord with his audience.

Reno’s voice resonates with the passion and disappointments of normal life, with themes of love, sacrifice, and the sudden clarity one feels after the passage of a storm of emotion.

Brett Anthony Johnston, Director of Creative Writing at Harvard University, best selling author and contributing writer to The Paris Review, Esquire, and The New York Times Magazine said “This Hell is a dark, stirring record. The songs explore the deep grooves life cuts into your soul and the lengths you go to in the hopes of redeeming yourself.”

Reno Perez sings for everyone who has lost what was most important, for everyone who is still fighting like hell to get it back. Brett Anthony Johnston

Reno relates “It’s been an arduous yet cathartic journey to complete this album – it’s a collection of lifelong experiences we can all relate to…I wanted to record what I thought was real, all the the highs and lows. I thank God for helping me through the fire and allowing me to use it to cook on stage.”

Poster Art by nathan Rodela/Photo Credit Alex Villaneuva


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