Acclaimed Austinite Rick Broussard and his band Two Hoots and a Holler will be blasting their brand of roots rock your way during music madness week. Two Hoots and a Holler shows are always a good time, and now you can catch them at their unofficial SXSW Shows:
March 15th 10 p.m. G&S Lounge
March 16th 2 p.m. Maria’s Taco (for Sin City Social Club)
11 p.m. Mean-Eyed Cat
March 17th 2 p.m. Mojo Nixon’s Sirius Radio Show Live From the Continental Club
6 p.m. Antone’s Records
9 p.m. Ginny’s Little Longhorn

He’s like a Texas Nick Lowe, groovin’, rockin’ and slightly dangerous, the coolest elements of country meet rock-n-roll – KELLY WILLIS


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