The laws of the Universe are playing games with you.

1st Wave Donna by Katy Koonce. Music by Katy Koonce of Butch County
2nd Wave Wrong Gypsy byMelissa Ragsdale. Music by Renee Baker’s Awakening and The Underscore Orchestra
Hot Tip: Jennifer Felkner of Austin School of Classical Ballet
Hot Tip Credits: Alex Taylor
3rd Wave Empathetic Sister by Camilla Arellano. Music by the B-Boys
4th Wave: Stranger Face by Jazz Mills. Music by Jazz Mills
Boosters by Carla Taylor and Kelly Zymanek with help from Cameron Freeman.
Poetry by Denise Levertov

Filler music by Podington Bear and Chris Zabriskie
Theme song by Stephanie Hafer
Hot Tips theme by Carla Taylor and Broke For Free


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