Stefano Fabrizio Darold talks to producer/director Dean Kaneshiro about this is the amazing story of the fire and perseverance that drove underdogs to birth Title IX and release untold opportunities to an entire generation. 

Centered around the University of Hawaii’s volleyball team, these women (and men) lit a profound desire for girls to have the same opportunities as men—in education, sports, and jobs. 

They were pioneers who ushered in a new era.


Women’s roles were about to change from “housewife” to educated-producer. Title IX was the door to get them there.  Title IX is a piece of legislation birthed in the 1970’s that forged gender equality in education, sports and opportunities for women in the United States. The suffrage movement gave women the right to vote in the ’20’s, but afterward there were still limitations for women to walk in the fullness of who they were created to be.


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