AMFM: A lot of people in the United States don’t know you yet, but they will. You’ve worked with quite a few people they do know, You are an award winning guitarist, one of the new up and coming jazz virtuoso’s, and you have been described by Larry Coryell, another virtuoso.

He describes “Temptation,” which is the CD that received the IMA win for the 9th year as “An excellent piece of modern flamenco music that John McLaughlin and I played with Paco de Lucia in the late 70s in Europe. He stays very close to the original guidelines that make this an authentic piece of creativity and not simply a copy. The use of Spanish Percussion with subtle rythmic variations is a case in point and this pulsating underpinning makes a great foundation for Roman’s imrovisations which are characteristics of the new flamenco approach to an old form The new form smacks of freshness and vigor, and Roman’s more than impressive technique helps his lines soar above the complicated rythms and sophisticated chords.”

That’s quite a compliment coming from Larry Coryell, isn’t it?

RM: Yes, I think for every young musician who hears such great words from such a giant, such a legend of jazz fusion and one of the founder of this style, yes, it’s a very big honor. I will continue to do the best that I can to record new compositions. Very cool, good review.

AMFM: You have won the Independent Music Awards two years in a row, and you’re also nominated for this year’s independent Music Awards. What’s the name of your new CD?

RM: My new CD is called Quasipsychedelic

AMFM: It’s coming up the charts isn’t it?

RM: Yes a track from this CD is on All About Jazz has broken the top 25 for the last month. It’s really amazing, it’s cool.

AMFM: Isn’t that the single “Eastern Etude?”

RM: Yes…and last year the first track from my past CD “Temptation” won the Independent Music Awards in the category of Best World Traditional Song. And this year the CD was nominated in the category of World Beat. I was very surprised, two years in a row this one CD judges have given such a prestigious award from the United States.

AMFM: You’ve collaborated and played with many artists that are known here, like Al DiMeola and Larry Coryell…who else have you played with?

RM: I think people in America may know Djivan Gaspyran. He plays a folk instrument from Armenia called the Duduk. He is known internationally and for his work in the movie “Gladiator.” He lives in Los Angeles, and a few years ago, I was invited to be his special guest, and we played a collaboration of his songs from the soundtrack to the movie. It was in a large concert hall in Russia called the Kremlin Concert Hall, and it was more than 5000 people that came to this great concert.

Also, I have performed with a very great percussion player named Frank Colon. He invited me to the project “Musical Nation.” This project will encompass multimedia collaborations with artists all over the globe, trading music and art files mainly over the internet. Album features the participation of Americans Jamie Glaser and Frank Colon, British Clive Stevens, Brazilian Daniel Figueiredo and Spanish Michael Grossman. Part of the income from the album sales will be destined to the UNICEF.

AMFM: How did you get started playing the guitar?

RM: It’s a funny story because my father is a professional musician, he’s a conductor and saxaphone player. He conducted a circus for many years. But until I was 14 years old I never wanted to play any musical instrument because I was a football player. I only saw the ball and this game. One day my older brother, who was very impressed by American rock music, and would listen to such stuff as Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. One day he said, hey what about you trying to play guitar like these bands? We went to the nearest shop and bought a very cheap guitar made in some factory in Russia. We started to practice, and one month later my brother stopped. He was very busy at the University…but I continued to do it, until now.

AMFM: Do you still play?

Oh I was a very serious player, I played on professional teams. My dream was to be a professional player until I met the guitar. When I met this lady my plans were changed. It was a re-birth for me at age 14.

SIDE NOTE From 1994 through 1999, Roman played guitar in the Big Band of his father, Maxim Miroshnichenko, while he was studying civil engineering at Dnepropetrovsk University in Ukraine. In 2000, Roman graduated from the university and entered the Moscow State University of Culture. It was during his first semester of study that he formed and started performing in his own fusion trio

AMFM: What’s Coming up?

A tour in May at one of the biggest guitar festivals in Europe with Larry Coryell, called “World of Guitar” and it’s in a small city called Kaluga. Already at this festival we’ve had Paco de Lucia, Al Di Meola. I recommended Larry Coryell to the festival organizers and they asked what about a guitar duo with you and Larry? Roman’s Tour Schedule

In January 2011, “Tides To and Fro,” an animated film directed by Ivan Maximov, showcased the song “Canto De Pilon” featuring Roman’s guitar solo. The film was picked for the “Generation Kplus” contest at “Berlinale” – one of the largest world film festivals.

Roman is endorsed by D’Addario, PRS Guitars, and Ovatiion Guitars. Canto De Pilon is showcased on D’Addario’s website here.


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