Security First International Holdings (OTC: SCFR.PK) Announces Efforts to Retain 25 Video Game & Application Developers and Testers.

LAS VEGAS, Feb 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Security First International Holdings (OTC: SCFR.PK) – To further its development and quality control efforts, SCFR has announced it is seeking 25 game & applications testers. Developers and testers are encouraged to file their resumes on-line by e-mailing to SCFR will review all resumes based on merit, irrespective of age or education.

“SCFR believes that a formal education is secondary to experience where video games are concerned. It is important to test multiple facets of video games – not just game genre, but the ease or challenge in playing, story, the quality of graphics and, especially gameplay, all conform together to the interest and enjoyment levels of the consumer,” said James Scheltema, President and CEO of Security First.

“We are electing a secure website model to eliminate unnecessary office expenses. We also recognize that great ideas don’t stick to a traditional nine-to-five schedule. Developers and gamers should be free to work when their flash of genius strikes. The ability to interact at any time with SCFR shows the worldwide nature of technology and encourages international contribution to our source codes and applications.”

In addition to the submission of resumes, we encourage game and application developers to submit their product to SCFR, whether it is in a formative stage, a beta version, or complete. SCFR is in the process of developing a secure website where developers and testers will be able to interact with SCFR management without risking public access to their ideas and intellectual property. By establishing the secure website, developers and gamers will be able to work from any location at any time to suit their convenience. The website will include legal protection for any software or coding, design, artistic renderings, implementation methods, applications or any other aspect that you may wish protected. We consider it job one to bring your hard work to the market and we have the tools to do it.

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About Security First International Holdings
Security First International Holdings is a holding company implementing a new business plan to develop, acquire and market video game titles for the major platforms including Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony Playstation as well as PC, Android and iPhone. The company is currently in the process of building management and a web presence to continue with its plans to attract and market video games for the above mentioned platforms.



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