88tc88 announced the addition of China Unicom to the list of mobile outlets it services in China
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(MUSIC DISH NETWORK, NY) Digital music distributor 88tc88 announced the addition of China Unicom to the list of mobile outlets it services in China. With the agreement, 88tc88 now delivers independent music to all of China’s 950+ million mobile subscribers. The company also announced the first statements from China Mobile and China Telekom, providing its customers accurate and transparent figures for ringtone, caller ringback tone, mastertone and full track sales, individually and bundled as a subscription.

“Our agreement with China Unicom enables us to not only provide our customers full coverage of China’s mobile carriers, but importantly, China’s growing iPhone subscriber base, now estimated at over 4 million,” noted 88tc88 co-founder Thomas Reemer. “Being able to add China to the global digital distribution map is an achievement we at 88 are very proud of accomplishing.” China Unicom is the only carrier in China offering the iPhone with a service contract.

Based on initial sales statements from China Mobile and China Telekom, 88tc88 reported an average 15 sales per track per month in the various mobile formats offered, from ringback tones to subscription packages. The figure illustrates the potential for western artists and labels to significantly expand their market and revenues as the world’s largest mobile market continues to grow and awareness of international music increases.

“Delivering timely and accurate reporting to our customers in China has been a key goal for 88tc88 as the more trust there is in this market, the more revenue will be made by our customers to support their careers,” remarked co-founder Christoph Martius. “Our sales figures clearly demonstrate that China is a viable market that every artist should be accessing.”

88tc88 has delivered a wide range of western music to China’s mobile carriers, including from organizations such as the Western Australia Music Industry Association, well-known artists like Sean Lennon and Nouvelle Vague as well as new projects by producers such as Kim Fowley and David Carr. Record label signings include Alligator Records, Bar/None and Virtual Records, also a digital distributor of such renowned labels as R.O.I.R. and Cumbancha.

88tc88 is a web based service that helps bands, artists, labels and digital distributors to translate, approve, sell and promote their music in Greater China. 88 offers to arrange official approval by the Chinese authorities for the material to be released. 88tc88 offers access to 950+ million subscribers on China Mobile, China Telekom and China Unicom for digital and mobile release. Online prices range from $49.99; (one album, one year), to $399.99; (5 albums for 3 years.)

Join the Chinese Cultural Evolution, get your music understood (lyric translations), heard, appreciated, (and bought) by over a billion people hungry for international music.


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