Ever wonder what a Sexy Liberal looks like? That is, beyond brilliant comic talents STEPHANIE MILLER, JOHN FUGELSANG and HAL SPARKS who headline the “Sexy Liberal Tour’s” Austin stop on Saturday, November 12th at the Long Center Theatre, 8 pm. Click this Long Center link to BUY TICKETS .

Each show – playing in select cities since Mar 2010 – has sold-out as Americans yearn for intelligent comic voices which are bold, original and challenge the status quo. With no advertising, little press coverage and predominately social media for ticket sales, Sexy Liberal has grossed over $1 million while spending virtually nothing on advertising.

Miller is the daughter of Republican Barry Goldwater’s running mate William Miller. When asked by Matthew Thuney of the Seattle Examiner how she came to be such a sexy liberal Miller said “I just sort of grew into it” adding “This is not my dad’s Republican Party,” she laments. “They’re not funny. They’re turning racist. They’re even scared by the title ‘Sexy Liberal.’” Using comedy as a weapon for outrage, the topics covered by the show are current events such as: unemployment, the dismantling of employee protections, Social Security under siege, and school budget and library cuts.

Site: http://www.sexyliberal.com


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