Shawn Pander’s new CD “Notes From Hoover Street” is out and the song “What a Beautiful Life” is getting airplay. Written on a shaky dining room table in his Hoover St. apartment in Los Angeles, Notes From Hoover Street reads like a collection of short stories, a series of impressions that represent the beginning of a new chapter in the Houston based singer/songwriter’s life. Out of work, and with a relationship of nine years coming to an end, he focused on songwriting.

I wrote this song a few years back when I was writing a bunch of dark stuff. A friend of mine pointed out that all my songs at the time seemed to lack hope and I had to agree so I wrote What a Beautiful Life to symbolize hope. – Shawn Pander

Shawn collaborated with Director Christopher James Thompson to create the video. Christopher said “I wanted people to feel something while they watched.The storyline is open on purpose so people could make their own interpretation, but I wanted to give the feeling of searching for someone they would never find again, a bittersweet regret.”

Recorded with producer/saxophonist, Carlos Sosa, at Austin’s Satellite Studios, the musicians playing on the record include Jason Mraz’ band members; Michael ‘Leroy’ Bram on drums, Jai Dillon on bass and Stefano Intelisano on piano and organ, and of course Carlos himself, who’s “Grooveline Horns” are a mainstay of Mraz’s tours. Shawn, who a winner of the ASCAP Foundation Harold Adamson Award and Grand Prize Winner of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, said “We’re getting good spins of this song all around the country and Canada. Mainly Texas, California, NY, and Vancouver.”

What’s next for Shawn? He said “I’ve been busy writing songs in Nashville for other artists and also writing for my next album peppering in a live performance here and there.”


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