Shawn Pander, who learned to play guitar from a homeless man he befriended near his father’s used-car lot talks to AMFM about his latest project and Pandora too. What’s that you say? Who is Shawn Pander? Shawn won the Grand Prize in the folk category for the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. He’s also had a A 30-minute documentary, BEHIND THE LYRICS, which aired on National Television in the Los Angeles Market. He’s about to release “Notes From Hoover Street,” a sweet addition to his already stellar repertoire. He’s an independent artist of the highest caliber. Don’t take my word for it. Let these guys tell you:

“I would book him on the show again and again. He “wowed” our audience both times he appeared…they flooded our website looking to buy.” – Stephanie Granader, Producer, Dr. Phil Show

“Shawn Pander’s music is a folk-gem that improves with each listen. He concentrates on his acoustic chord attacks and distinctive vocal delivery….His music wouldn’t be out of place on a modern rock playlist next to John Mayer or Dave Matthews.” – Texas Music Magazine


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