Fabrizio talked to Greg Conway and Steve Swersky of Massive Post Productions, the filmmakers behind the documentary SHE ROCKS at MEOWCON, an interactive conference which brought together musicians, journalists, and academics to specifically address the needs of women in music. Guitar Girl Magazine presented the film October 25th in a private screening which included music industry insiders as well as veteran rocker Suzi Quatro (featured in the film), who was conferred the “Women of Valor” award by Carla DeSantis Black.

SHE ROCKS explores the gender disparity that still exists in the world of professional guitarists. With commentary from Suzi Quatro, Steve Vai and a host
of other music industry icons, SHE ROCKS exposes the obstacles these women
face and simultaneously raises and answers it’s own question – why aren’t there more female “shredders?”


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