Marlena von Kazmier is a makeup artist in Los Angeles who frequently works with our host Paul Salfen for Junket Productions, a production company used by top film studios for their celebrity interviews for outlets such as E! News, Entertainment Tonight, Extra, as well as the Hollywood Foreign Press and of course AMFM. Marlena has groomed actors and directors as varied as William Levy for “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”, Bruce Dern for “The Hateful Eight” junket, Michael Shannon for “Nocturnal Animals” junket and premier, Chaz Palminteri for the ‘Legend’ premier and Director Jay Roach for the “Trumbo” junket/premier. Junket Productions send her to the Toronto Film Festival every year which happens to be her home town.

Marlena started her career in Canada over a decade ago. She honed her craft working on commercials, photo shoots and independent films until she was experienced enough to work in the major motion picture industry when asked to be a part of the Resident Evil franchise as a special effects makeup artist on the Retribution set. Now she moonlights with Smashbox Cosmetics’ Global Lead Pro artist Lori Taylor on events like the Critics Choice awards and Smashbox sponsored events as well as a free lance artist working on commercials and independent productions. She is also on the Cinema Secrets Pro Team, and works at KABC as a makeup artist to their news anchors.

Resident Evil: Retribution was her first multi million dollar budget film, and she relates “it was an amazing adventure, even though we had pre-calls at 3 a.m., and we were working outdoors in November in Toronto. It was like going to war.” Marlena was on the special effects prosthetics team and she said “we were churning out 300 zombies a night. It was a learning curve too, we started by doing individual looks from head to finish, but then we formed an assembly line.”

What brought Marlena to Los Angeles was the independent film “Do You Think I’m A Joke,” the anti-bullying celebrity documentary featuring people like Slash, Jeff Goldblum, Julian Lennon and many more. She was doing small features and independent jobs, when she was hired by the department head of Junket Productions, who brought her in as one of their artists.

In addition, Marlena says “I started meeting a lot of lifestyle and fashion photographers as well as film producers. My background has always been in film, but since moving here, the weather is so nice outdoors it’s a destination for a lot of photography. We’ve been constantly shooting test shoots and editorials. I have been doing a lot of beauty and straight makeup, but also started working with some amazing fashion photographers as well as with the Daily Mail U.K., and the Australian publication Women’s Day International. But even though being a working makeup artist can be difficult, I get to work with a lot of noted photographers from around the world, and it’s fun.”

Marlena does do glam and avant-garde makeup, but likes to call her signature makeup style skin-centric, where soft glowing beauty is the goal of the look. Her work can also been seen on the Will I AM Mona Lisa Smile video on everyone but Will, and Nicole Scherzinger who had her own artist, on super model Jasmine Sanders in a Big Sexy Hair commercial spot and even on the History Channels series Night Class: Crossroads of History.

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