Dave Wolfe Overseeing Operations/

St. Elmo’s Soundstage premiered it’s first event March 9th at SXSW as Spectral Alchemy and Clever Maven presented the official launch of DMT RMX. The brainchild of Dave and Eva Wolfe, the soundstage is a new film/music/photography/artist studio located directly across from Musiclab on St. Elmo’s Street in Austin, Texas.

Here’s Dave Wolfe and the St. Elmo’s Soundstage crew working feverishly to bring the event to life just a few days before it happened.

The day of the event, Mitch Schultz, Director of DMT: The Spirit Molecule streamed live on Justin.tv as a community of artists, filmmakers, musicians, thinkers, travelers, and many other agents working towards an elevated consciousness through progressive change, shared their art on stage.

Photos by Fabrizio Photography

Meow Gallery: The gallery is empty.


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