This is the eighth release for Welsh band Stereophonics.  It has been four years since the band last released an LP.  The days of caring about making radio airplay seems to have left the band and maybe that has actually released them to create.  Although, the track “Indian Summer” is airplay ready.  This is easily the darkest of the Stereophonic albums.  Not surprising as the band experienced the loss of original drummer, Stuart Cable, in June 2010.  As loss often causes review of your own mortality, one wonders if it had an effect on the mood of this current release.

The 10 track LP was written by Kelly Jones.   It was produced by Kelly Jones and Jim Lowe.  Collaboration was made with David Arnold who arranged the strings on several tracks.  Kelly said,

“I found myself walking into a studio with forty unfinished ideas, rather than ten finished ones, and by doing that the songs became way more unpredictable.  The band and everyone involved had a good time doing it because we knew we were doing something we hadn’t done before.”

Kelly Jones also wrote and directed the first three videos taken from the album.  Another dimension of his creativity and ability to “tell” a story.  If Kelly ever decides to reroute his career, I am sure he wouldn’t have a problem.  The videos are exceptionally made and embrace each song.  Choosing a favorite would be difficult.   “In A Moment” and “Violins and Tambourines” both show the fragility of man and the desire to live.  However, there is a surprising beauty in the darkness of “Violins and Tambourines.”

Stereophonics: Kelly Jones – Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards, Richard Jones – Bass/Backing Vocals, Adam Zindani – Guitar/Backing Vocals and Jamie Morrison – Drums


“Graffiti On The Train” Track List:

1.   “We Share The Same Sun”

2.   “Graffiti On The Train”

3.   “Indian Summer”

4.   “Take Me”

5.   “Catacomb”

6.   “Roll The Dice”

7.   “Violins And Tambourines”

8.   “Been Caught Cheating”

9.   “In A Moment”

10.  “No One’s Perfect”


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