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The latest darling to emerge from this year’s South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, Texas, ‘Zero Charisma,’ the new film from the directing team of Andrew Matthews and Katie Graham (BEST WORST MOVIE), certainly does not have a lack of charm.

The movie follows Scott Weidemeyer, (Sam Eidson, MY SUCKY TEEN ROMANCE) an RPG table-top gamer with a penchant for metal music, as he deals with a life living with his grouchy grandmother, working a nowhere job, and acting as Game Master for a group of friends and fellow geeks. When one of the members of their Role Playing Game leaves the group, Scott asks ever-charismatic Miles (Garrett Graham) to join. Soon, however, Miles wins the admiration and respect of the group, leaving Scott jealous and unwilling to admit that he may not be the great Master he believes himself to be.

Sam Eidson plays the character of Scott so genuinely, you immediately understand his plight. His stubbornness is only matched by his sensitivity. His grandmother, played by Anne Gee Byrd, is the perfect match for Scott, and nearly the best thing in the movie.

‘Zero Charisma’ is a sweet movie, filled with a handful of hilarious sequences, including the climax of the film, which is the perfect face-off between Scott and his nemesis.

Director(s) Matthews and Graham have crafted a delightful story about facing the terrible truths of growing up, while fighting to retain the innocence of youth, all within the backdrop of table-top gaming. Remember, it’s just a game. It’s about having fun.

Quite certainly, you will have fun watching this charming film, that definitely has high charisma.

8 out of 10.


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