Guest Writer: Paul Bright. Writer, Director, Producer, Actor telling stories through digital media. Originally from New Mexico, Paul grew up in Los Angeles and was ‘discovered’ by the top talent agency in Beverly Hills when he was in high school. He’s been on TV since he was 16. He moved to Austin and founded a repertory theater company bringing intellectually exciting dramas to life in rural communities. He works New York City, Oregon and Texas and is a prolific writer/director/producer of indie films.

The Texas film GOLIAD UPRISING is being distributed in an entirely new way through the start-up company KinoNation. ( As part of their beta test, KinoNation selected GOLIAD UPRISING (the only Texas film) to join its catalogue of titles from filmmakers around the world which are being made available to VOD platforms in every territory.

Aaron Weisinger in “Goliad Uprising”

This distribution network is distinctive for several reasons:

The entire, uncompressed film is stored in KinoNation’s database. (GOLIAD UPRISING is 82GB. Films average between 60-100 GB.)The film was uploaded from my home computer at no cost. No shipping charges, no purchased hard drive for sending the transfer. KinoNation makes the uncompressed file available to digital platforms so it can be re-formatted to meet their specs.
KinoNation has contracts with over 200 VOD distributors.

Filmmakers retain 100% of the rights.

No fees paid by the filmmaker.
Every territory contract is subject to the filmmaker’s approval.
Payment is made to the filmmaker quickly, not held in quarterly payments.
No exclusive contract with KinoNation. No time commitment. No penalties.

Streaming is the future for mass distribution. In the past I’ve taken my films to international markets to sell to territories and worked with sales reps. Though I’ve netted a profit, there have been many costs in doing this. If KinoNation is able to reach an even BIGGER market than I was by representing myself at markets, and there is no cost to me, then this is a vast improvement. The process is also a huge time saver.

It took about 18 hours for my computer to render the film to the uncompressed format, but it only required five minutes of my time to start it. It took 12 days to upload the file to their server. But it only took me five minutes to start the process. After the upload started I continued using my computer, including streaming movies from Netflix, while the upload ran.

Will GOLIAD UPRISING sell in these international markets? It is much more likely that the film will be seen by individuals who purchase streaming views through this system. In previous distribution platforms territory buyers had to be convinced a title would do a certain volume of business before they risked the costs of carrying the title. With this system from KinoNation, there are no hard costs, and no reason a territory wouldn’t make a title available.

Currently GOLIAD UPRISING is not sub-titled in any language. KinoNation links to freeware subtitling which is a bridge I haven’t crossed yet. The uncompressed film intentionally does not carry subtitle codes, which would only be added after a contract is signed for a specific territory. If I choose to release GOLIAD UPRISING to China, for example, then I create the subtitles for Mandarin speakers.

GOLIAD UPRISING had its world premiere in Austin in June 2012. It is currently in distribution to English speaking countries on DVD only.

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