"D" is for "Dogfight" by Marcel Sarmiento

“D” is for “Dogfight” by Marcel Sarmiento

LESS A MOVIE AND MORE OF A MINI FILM FESTIVAL, “The ABC’s of Death’ is an experimental mish-mash of 26 Directors, 26 short films, and 26 ways to Die. The Directors, hand-picked by Alamo Drafthouse’s Tim League, were each assigned a letter of the Alphabet and free reign to do what they wanted. This horror anthology is good, bad, and excruciatingly obtuse in parts. But it’s also funny, crazy, at once comedic and grotesque. The content is extreme.
The movie starts with, fittingly, Nacho Vigalondo (a Fantastic Fest favorite) handling the letter “A,” and ends with Yoshihiro Nishimura’s “Zetsumetsu” for the “Z” category. “Miscarriage” for the letter “M” by Ti West is a major disappointment – mainly because it’s the amazing Ti West and we expected more from him. Marcel Sarmiento (featured in this interview) handles “D” for “Dogfight” – and gets the popular vote. WE VOTE “E” FOR ENTERTAINMENT

Featuring the likes of women attracted to farts, samurais, talking birds, drug addicts, monster toilets, vampires, robots, pedophiles, chainsaw sex, and naked men making sushi at gunpoint, “The ABCs of Death” pretty much has every base covered. “The ABCs of Death” is a repulsive and excessive excuse of blood-soaked entertainment that should make the horror fan in you squeal with delight. – Chris Sawin, The Examiner



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