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AMERICAN FABLE is about 11-year old Gitty and Gitty’s family. But there’s more going on. You might, if you’ve read any of the SXSW reviews, think I’m going to mention the gorgeous shot selection. That this isn’t just a story but a vision. Yes, I will mention that, but that wasn’t my point. Superficially, American Fable is about Gitty (Peyton Kennedy) and her family. But on the whole, AMERICAN FABLE is about the farm.

American Fable farm machine

What’s it mean to live on the farm? What’s the struggle? What’s the benefit? How does this shape and form an individual? A family? A community? A nation? So it’s not just that AMERICAN FABLE has gorgeous shot selection. The shot selection imparts the beauty of the territory—the vegetation, the space, how the green of the fields meshes with the blue sky. But we get the danger as well. Dilapidated structures, ruined homes, a dark figure on horseback who roams the land. This tension in the mise-en-scene externalizes the tension we see at both the heart of Gitty and of her family.

For example, Gitty’s upbringing on the farm has been beneficial for her imagination. Click here to finish reading the scouting report on FILM COLOSSUS!


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