Friday, December 5th – Monday, December 8th

Annual fundraiser weekend for The Cinefamily will include introductions and appearances by Paul Thomas Anderson & Louis C.K.; an intimate conversation between father and son, Robert Downey Sr. and Robert Downey Jr.; and rare screenings of Robert Downey Sr.’s films, including a brand new 35mm restoration of Greaser’s Palace.

THE FRIENDS OF CINEFAMILY announced today that it will present a weekend celebration of the films of legendary filmmaker Robert Downey Sr. on December 5th – 8th. This inaugural fundraiser event for The Cinefamily, presented by the newly formed FRIENDS OF CINEFAMILY, will include never before seen rarities, new prints, special appearances, and newly restored versions of his most acclaimed films.

Events include a career spanning conversation between father and son, Robert Downey Sr. and Robert Downey Jr. with a 35mm restoration screening of his breakthrough underground hit, CHAFED ELBOWS; an intimate Q&A with filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson and screening of a new 35mm print of GREASER’S PALACE that will include a cast & crew reunion and tribute to the music of Robert Downey Sr., Charlie Cuva, and Jack Nitzsche; and a new DCP screening at the Ace Hotel’s United Artist Theatre of his crossover cult comedy classic PUTNEY SWOPE, hosted by Louis C.K.

Said The Cinefamily’s Executive Director Hadrian Belove, “Our idea for an annual fundraiser was to do the best damn retrospective we can for someone we love, because CInefamily’s mission is about getting people excited about movies. We wanted to show the world how exciting it can be to learn about and dig deeply into a great filmmaker–and one that’s not in the mainstream, necessarily. I can’t think of a better first person to celebrate in a Friends of Cinefamily Weekend than Robert Downey Sr–he’s an artist who represents our core Cinefamily values: a contagious passion for films and filmmaking, and an independent spirit that’s totally singular to him. And he’s awesome.”

TRUTH AND SOUL INC. screenings will take place at the Silent Movie Theatre and The United Artist Theatre at the Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Tickets are available to FRIENDS OF CINEFAMILY now, CINEFAMILY members on November 20th, and the general public on November 25th.

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Robert Downey Sr.
Underground filmmaker, midnight movie darling, existentialist cosmic joker, and surrealist film freak extraordinaire–Robert Downey Sr. was the clown prince of the beat cinema scene in its golden age. Inspired equally by the Marx Brothers and Samuel Beckett, Downey’s absurdist wit and jazzy film style made him a critics’ darling and audience favorite in the ’60s New York arthouse scene, but no one could have predicted the wild mainstream success of his independently produced, surreal and hilarious black-power-meets-Madison-Avenue satire Putney Swope. In a mere matter of months, Downey went from Greenwich Village bohemia to The Tonight Show, but he has always maintained his off-the-beaten-path vision. From cult classic “acid” westerns like Greaser’s Palace to the loosely funky and surprisingly personal experimental sketch movie Two Tons of Turquoise to Taos Tonight, his films defy all easy descriptions except one–they are pure Downey.


Friday, December 5th – Monday, December 8th

  • Robert Downey Sr.

    Robert Downey Sr.

    An Evening With Robert Downey, Sr.
    Hosted by ROBERT DOWNEY JR.
    Join us for an intimate, career-spanning conversation between father and son, touring the early life and work of Robert Downey Sr. The evening will feature never-before-seen rare clips, ephemera, and other surprises, along with screenings of some of Downey’s best work. The night includes a beautiful 35mm restoration by Anthology Film Archives of his breakthrough underground hit, CHAFED ELBOWS, and a rare screening of TWO TONS OF TURQUOISE TO TAOS TONIGHT, Robert Downey Jr’s personal favorite of his father’s work.

  • 7:30 pm
    Downey By Downey: A Conversation between Sr. and Jr.
    35mm archival screening of CHAFED ELBOWS
    Tribute to Elsie Downey, followed by a screening of TWO TONS OF TURQUOISE TO TAOS TONIGHT
    Opening night of the “Truth & Soul” exhibit on the Cinefamily Patio Looking Garden
    Location: The Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theatre, 611 N. Fairfax Ave, LA 90036
    Downey and The Midnight Movie
    Featuring GREASER’S PALACE (New 35mm print!) and POUND
    For lovers of all things Downey, this is the night of deep cuts–not only have The Friends of CInefamily struck a brand new 35mm print of Downey’s, “acid western”, GREASER’S PALACE–a classic of the 1970s midnight movie circuit (named by the Coen Brothers as one of their favorite films of all time) that’s been out of theatrical circulation for decades. Following is a celebration of the music Robert Downey Sr. made with Charlie Cuva and Jack Nitzsche, a reunion of his extended family of cast and crew, and a rare screening of his never-on-DVD, heck, never-even-on-VHS, POUND.
  • 7:30 pm
    A conversation between Paul Thomas Anderson and Robert Downey Sr.
    35mm screening of GREASER’S PALACE (new print!)
    Tribute to the music of Robert Downey Sr, Charlie Cuva, and Jack Nitzsche
    Q&A with Downey’s cast and crew
    Rare screening of POUND
    Location: The Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theatre, 611 N. Fairfax Ave, LA 90036
    Downey, Clown Prince of the Underground
    Featuring PUTNEY SWOPE (New DCP!)
    At the Ace Hotel’s United Artists Theatre
    Hosted by LOUIS C.K.
    The Coen Brothers, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and Paul Thomas Anderson are all known to be big fans, Jane Fonda declared it a masterpiece on The Tonight Show in 1969, De La Soul sampled it and the Beastie Boys rapped about it, and Louis C.K. cites it as “the first film that inspired me as a filmmaker.” For the the third day of The Friend of Cinefamily’s Downey weekend, we share with you the film that made him famous–his funniest and most irreverent film, and his crossover hit–the one-and-only PUTNEY SWOPE. See this legendary cult comedy classic with a huge appreciative audience, at the Ace Hotel’s gorgeous United Artists movie palace.
  • 2:30pm
    Screening of PUTNEY SWOPE followed by a Q&A with Louis C.K.
    Location: The United Artist Theatre / Ace Hotel, 929 S. Broadway, LA 90015
    Robert Downey Sr. Show & Tell
    (members only event)
    For the final night of our Downey retrospective, we have a special evening just for our Cinefamily members; an evening of conversation and rarities, odds and ends, and bits and pieces – with Robert Downey Sr. Not only will he present rarely screened films like RITTENHOUSE SQUARE, his 2005 impressionistic, music-filled documentary about a small Philadelphia park, and the Anthology Film Archives restoration of NO MORE EXCUSES a hilarious jazzy semi-documentary on the singles scene in 60’s New York – but also various films he loves and films he’s working on, and maybe a couple of surprises.
  • Time TBD
    Screening of RITTENHOUSE SQUARE, NO MORE EXCUSES, and more
    A conversation with Robert Downey Sr.
    Location: The Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theatre, 611 N. Fairfax Ave, LA 90036

More information at:
Ticket information / membership info at:

Tickets are available now to FRIENDS OF CINEFAMILY
Tickets will be available to CINEFAMILY MEMBERS on November 20
Tickets will be available to the general public on November 25

Robert Downey Sr.

Robert Downey Sr.


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