A stylish and 3-D action adventure, Immortals serves up an epic Greek tale: one power mad King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke), a heroic young villager Theseus (Henry Cavill) who rises against him, and a beautiful Syballine Oracle (Freida Pinto) who provides a little supernatural help to defeat the King and help avenge the death of Theseus’ mother.

From the producers of “300,” this all-star cast and crew come together to create a visually stunning film, with brilliant costume designer and Academy Award-winner Eiko Ishioka (The Fall) crafting truly spectacular costumes. Here’s Eiko Ishioka talking about the costumes:


The producers knew they had the basis for something special, and a great deal would rest on finding a director who could fulfill its unique promise. “Based on our experience, we felt the most important component would be finding a brilliant filmmaker,” says Canton. “Gianni and I both knew Tarsem Singh and wanted to work with him. He is an extraordinary talent.”

“The best case scenario for a producer is when your director understands the role that everyone plays,” adds Nunnari. “But if you’re not a team player, you shouldn’t be in this business at all. Tarsem has a real vision of what he wants to achieve, and he is also very collaborative.”

Producer Ryan Kavanaugh, the CEO of Relativity Media, calls Singh, whose previous work includes two visually arresting films, The Cell and The Fall, a visionary. “He’s brilliant, not just as a director, but as an artistic mind. This is a huge commercial epic, but he never treated it like that was all it was. He considered every frame of every scene and knew before we started shooting the color of sandals every person had on and what their sword would look like.”

Singh’s vision for the film went far beyond simply making a Hollywood blockbuster version of a Greek myth. He says the project served as a “Trojan horse,” a vehicle to realize his personal vision on a grand scale. “I love reading Greek myths,” says Singh. “But I was not interested in making a film based on the originals. I was intrigued by the relationship between gods and humans. So I thought, we could take some traditional tales and, like in Renaissance painting, use the mythology as the basis, but add things that are relevant to our time.”

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