Live Music Review by Tiffany Test

The Wheeler Brothers Capture Your Soul!

The “W” in Austin hosts an event called “Living Room Live”, where the public can enjoy free entrance, and the benefits of a $5 “S.I.P” menu plus live music as they support worthy local musicians. This past Monday was no exception when The Wheeler Brothers played a two hour set in their home town.

The sound of the band is definitely something worth getting excited about! They can be described as rich, mellow, comforting, warm, and soul-felt. The crowd was definitely not disappointed by the easy chair-indie type of groove. AJ Molyneaux captures your attention with some of the best guitar playing i’ve heard in a long time.

Imagine the harmony of each instrument somehow all coming together to create a bigger harmony blessed with all of the different sounds. Imagine vocals as pure as a waterfall and the instruments as the glistening sparkles in the water; each as its own droplet falling into a flowing stream of harmony, and you have The Wheeler Brothers.

This five piece act composed of Austin natives recently received Best New band, Best Roots rock, Best Bass Player, Best Acoustic Guitar, and Best Lap Steel Player awards at the Austin Music Awards. The band has been touring since June of 2011, and was recently highlighted on “Last Call” with Carson Daly. I definitely recommend checking these guys out next time they are in town for an experience you will not soon forget! Verdict: Memorable


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