AMFM missed this movie that won “Best Screenplay” at Fantastic Fest, sadly, but we got a chance to screen it before the filmmakers have their Los Angeles premiere at the Sundown Sunset Theatre tomorrow. A sweet, funny movie that has been winning film festivals by taking the audience by surprise, Future Folk has won is available on Video On Demand for those of you who can’t make it to any of the theater showings. The film stars Nils D’Aulaire, Jay Klaitz, Julie Ann Emery, April Hernandez, and Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider.

General Trius and Mighty Kevin were gracious enough to explain the real reason they wanted to save the earth, and also gave AMFM a chance to apologize on behalf of the earth’s media for not being grateful enough for their heroic efforts. After all, they saved us from a mighty meteor that would have wiped us all out.

SYNOPSIS: When a comet threatens to destroy their planet, the citizens of Hondo enlist their most decorated soldier, General Trius (Nils d’Aulaire), to search for a new home planet- and wipe out the current inhabitants with a flesh-eating virus. After landing somewhere near Brooklyn, General Trius wanders into a megastore to unleash the terror… when he’s suddenly enchanted by a strange and mystical human invention known as “music.” They don’t have music on Hondo, and since it’s the best thing he’s ever heard, General Trius immediately abandons his mission to eradicate the human race, assumes the name Bill, starts a family, and launches a one-alien bluegrass act in a tiny bar owned by Larry (Dee Snider).

Years later, his peaceful life is disrupted when the Hondonians send a bumbling assassin named Kevin (Jay Klaitz) to get the mission back on track. Although subduing Kevin is no challenge for the great General Trius, the Hondonians have no intention of calling off their plan to eliminate mankind, so Bill and Kevin must join forces to save Hondo, prevent an intergalactic takeover of Earth, and hopefully get some bigger gigs for the universe’s first Hondonian bluegrass duo: Future Folk!


image009 (2)PREMIERES:
May 31st – New York City
June 7th – Los Angeles
June 14th – Portland, OR



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