Paul Bacon (Ultimate Elton) and Sir Elton John's mother Shelia Farebrother at her 90th birthday party.

Paul Bacon (Ultimate Elton) and Sir Elton John’s mother Sheila Farebrother at her 90th birthday party.

The UK tabloids are in an uproar now about how Sir Elton John’s mother hired an Elton look-alike for her 90th birthday party.

How this came to be such a story is because the look-alike, Paul Bacon, does resemble the real Elton John a bit, but moreover sounds amazingly like him.

Producer and Manager Stuart Epps, a legendary  A&R man who has worked with and known the real Sir Elton on and off over the course of 48 years (along with Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Kiki Dee, George Harrison, Robbie Williams and many more) talked to AMFM Magazine about the situation. Epps is also Paul Bacon’s producer and manager.

Epps relates “About two years ago Sir Elton John’s ex-manager Bob Halley was looking at a video that we’d done for Paul Bacon, and somehow Sheila Farebrother (Elton’s mother) saw it too. She wanted to hire him for her 90th birthday party March 14th.

The basic idea was that it was to be big a surprise. There were about 80 people, and many of them were friends with or  had worked with Sir Elton in the past.

It was an amazing evening in a big barn, a beautiful setting. the band had set up, everyone had eaten, and in walks Ultimate Elton. A big gasp went up, there were actually some people crying because as you may or may not know Elton and his mother hadn’t spoken in seven years.

Paul Bacon walked in, went to the piano and played for an hour. Sheila got emotional, which was rather upsetting to see, she really only had Paul there because she loves Sir Elton’s music, and she thought it would be fun.  Another surprise was Kiki Dee came up and performed the last song of the evening “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.”  It was a lovely evening.

He continued “It’s pretty bizarre, I used to sell Elton John and now I’m selling “Ultimate Elton.” Although we certainly don’t want to upset anyone – to me it was only the other day when I was selling Elton John and no one had heard of him.  What I used to do was tour with him when I worked for the record companies.  So I’ve met Paul Bacon, we’re the best of friends and now and Im trying to sell him.”

Paul Bacon and Kiki Dee perform "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" at Elton John's mother's 90th birthday

Paul Bacon and Kiki Dee perform “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” at Elton John’s mother’s 90th birthday

As his manager, I’m eager to get this story out in the States. We’d love to have him come to the states, specifically Las Vegas. There are hundreds and hundreds of Elton tributes in the States and around the world, but this is obviously the best one. – Stuart Epps

Epps finds his association with Bacon as ironic  “That’s pretty bizarre, tribute artists are downgraded and people ordinarily don’t like them.  Personally I didn’t either.  I normally wouldn’t be associated with one, certainly not an Elton John tribute artist, because I love the actual guy.

But this guy happens to be a bit amazing.  He talks like Elton, he loves Elton’s music, furthermore he looks like and sings like Elton.  Not everyone can afford £150 or £200 to go see Elton.  So for a lot less you get to see and enjoy Elton’s music.  So we’re doing a great service for Elton, but probably he doesn’t see it that way.”

He continued “And to play for Elton John’s mother and now have her as one of our fans?  It’s too ridiculous.  Not for me.  I’ve had a pretty ridiculous life with things like this.  But for Paul it’s totally surreal, to be sanctioned by Elton’s mom, because he’s been a fan since he was a kid.  It’s absolutely brilliant.”

UPDATE: Paul Bacon has released an original song on iTunes “You Take My Breath Away.”
You Take My Breath Away – Single – Ultimate Elton

Does Paul Bacon do Sir Elton John’s music justice?  Judge for yourself, here’s a compilation clip from youtube showcasing “Ultimate Elton.”


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