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(THE CREATOR’S PROJECT, NY) Anyone who saw the transformative LED light and sound sculpture that United Visual Artists (UVA) created forCoachella’s main stage probably had to blink a couple of times before they realized that it wan’t just a figment of their imagination—yes, the stage was moving and transforming into a cube. People who watched those doors close for the first time seemed legitimately stunned.
But UVA, maverick designers that they are, took the installation one step further and completely metamorphosed it to create Conductor, which became a landmark gateway for the Nuits sonores festival in Lyon, France. Stretching sixteen meters tall and composed from 72 individual aluminum cubes, the monolithic totem—animated with UVA’s light designs—was accompanied by “a propelling and frenetic original score” (according to UVA) from British composer Scanner.
As an entry point to the Marché Gare, the allegoric gateway perfectly fulfilled its function, becoming a focal point and welcoming beacon to all who entered and exited the venue.

Technology used: Aluminium, perforated wire mesh, lighting fixtures, custom software, sound.

Visual orators.

Alias: UVA
Location: London, United Kingdom
Profession: Architecture and design collective
Notables: Tour visuals for Massive Attack, U2, UNKLE, and The Chemical Brothers; Volume at the Victoria & Albert Museum; Chorus with Mira Calix; fashion show light visuals for Y-3 and Vivienne Westwood
UVA uses:
• LED Lighting
• D3 Software designed by Ash Nehru
• Projectors


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