AUSTIN, TX — With the festivities of the holiday season upon us, UrbanScoot wants to make an effort to keep Austin streets safe from driving under the influence. UrbanScoot will do this by offering 50% OFF of service over Thanksgiving weekend. This offer will begin on Wednesday, November-26-14 until 4a.m. on Monday, 12-01-14. To receive this generous discount, customers can use the promo code: TurkeyScoot.



By using a foldable scooter, UrbanScoot will drive to your location, place the scooter in the trunk, and use it to leave once you and, your vehicle are home. Founded in Austin, UrbanScoot was created by owners, Matt Weber and Justin Recktenwald. “Our goal is to provide a safe option home during a time when celebrations are at an all time high,” said Recktenwald. “We just want to do our part in helping people stay safe, so offering a generous discount in the effort of good will might just do that,” added Matt Weber. 

Nothing dampens the holiday spirit like a car break-in, a DUI arrest, or worst of all, a death that could have been avoided. This service allows customers to enjoy a night out without having to worry about driving under the influence, or leaving their vehicle parked overnight. Customers will wake up alive and well, with their cars conveniently parked at home.

Anyone can easily request service through the UrbanScoot website, calling direct (512-394-7320), or using their mobile app. UrbanScoot is also available for corporate events and private parties. UrbanScoot strives to provide a safe alternative to driving under the influence in hopes of reducing accidents and, fatalities all year around.

Service hours include Monday through Friday 8p.m. – 4a.m. and Saturday through Sunday 1p.m. – 4a.m. UrbanScoot does not have a limit on their service area. UrbanScoot is enthusiastic about recently joining the transportation industry, and is now fully operational.
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