Saturday night in Austin saw the arrival of an entirely new concept in ‘mixed use’ spaces with the opening party for Wanderlust Live, a yoga/music/lecture facility in the old Youthworks space on 4th and Brazos. This old warehouse, which was slated to be torn down, has been beautifully renovated in a way that retained the original materials while creating magnificent modern, open spaces for practicing physical and spiritual practices to enhance your life. The partners in this endeavor have succeeded on all levels.

Wanderlust started as a yoga and music festival founded by Jeff Krasno and Sean Hoess, NY-based music executives, and has grown to six locations around the country for multi-day music/yoga festivals that are growing by leaps and bounds. Wanderlust Live in Austin, is their first extension of the brand to a stationary space incorporating the same ethos as the outdoor festivals.

This beautiful space became a reality here through a partnership with our own Austin yoga teachers Ashley Spence Clauer and Joanna Kutchey, and the promotion powerhouse, C3 presents. The downtown warehouse space will host teachers, musicians and leaders in the wellness industry year round, and currently has between 6-8 yoga classes scheduled each day with 3 on Sunday. There is also a
beautiful café space where you can get health conscious meals, as well as beer and wine for the music events. The guests at Saturday night’s event all seemed truly thrilled to be there. I honestly can’t remember seeing so many people genuinely happy and smiling and enjoying themselves, whether they were greeting each other, exploring the space, sampling the food and drink or just listening to the fine music by the Wheeler Brothers. The mix, like the space, was just right.

GSD&M founder Roy Spence gave a heartfelt and impassioned ‘Welcome’ message and read a congratulatory note for Ashley and Joanna from none other than Hillary Clinton. Being careful to thank everyone involved, he was thoughtful and clearly very excited to be a part of this new venture. All in attendance seemed to echo his passionate optimism for the mission of the space and clearly enjoyed their own feelings being put into words.

While the dictionary definition of ‘wanderlust’ is simply “a strong desire to travel”, the word feels like it means more having to do with beauty, real or perceived, and a dreamlike state of envisioning where you might go. The word took on even more meaning with the opening of Wanderlust Live, as this is definitely a space where you would want to go, repeatedly, for many inspiring experiences.


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