Paul Salfen interviews three incredible athletes for the Summer X Games in Austin Texas.

DREW BEZANSON: Armed with equal parts talent and style, the X Games Park silver-medalist attacks courses, finding unique, original lines and putting together impressive tricks combinations. Unshakably positive and brimming with energy, he studies his environment and squeezes every bit of potential out of it, coming up with creative moves and often a few surprises. The two-time NORA Cup award winner for Ramp Rider of the Year will make his seventh X Games appearance in 2015.Bezanson has 6 X Games Park appearances and took home his first X Games hardware — a silver medal in Park — at Austin 2014. In 2014, Drew also won the Baltic Games, Simple Session and the Toronto BMX Jam. He won Simple Session again in 2015, his 5th victory there in six years.

ELLIOT SLOAN: Age 25, medaled at all four 2013 X Games Big Air events, including gold — his first — in LA. He’s landed a 900 on the quarterpipe as well as a beautiful heelflip 720, and he aspires to land a 1080 overthe big air gap. He’s a dedicated mega ramp and vert skater (he has his own vert ramp in his backyard), plays guitar and bass in his own recording studio and has a talent for writing music. The soft-hearted Sloan takes in strays and has a pack of 4 dogs living at his house in Vista, CA. Elliot dropped out of high school when he was 16 to work construction and as a paralegal to help support his family after his dad passed away.

LOUIE VITO: Louie Vito embodies style, power, skill and determination. Vito has won four of the past five U.S. Grand Prix Overall Championships, six X Games medals, two time Winter Dew Tour Cup Overall Champion and has made the podium at seventeen of the last twenty major contests since the Vancouver Winter Olympics. With his remarkable presence on the half pipe and endeavors off the mountain, he has cemented his place as one of the greatest snowboarders of his generation.


Paul Salfen is a Dallas-based TV host, producer, editor, writer, and consultant who currently holds the positions of co-host of Drew Pearson Live on KTXD (London Broadcasting), co-host of The ANE Show on iHeartMedia, and producer/writer for AMFM Magazine.

He has previously held the positions of co-host, writer, and producer for Sports Plus (FOX Sports Dallas and Comcast SportsNet Chicago), host and producer for the Lone Star EMMY-nominated show Inside Entertainment, the Drew Pearson Show (FOX Sports), Editorial Director and Editor-In-Chief for ENVY Publications (ENVY magazine, Replay Sports Monthly), Managing Editor and Associate Publisher of 944 magazine, Managing Editor for Flavorpill, Entertainment & Travel Editor for ScoreBoard, and Publisher of Dallas Music Guide.

He has spent the past 15 years interviewing a wide variety of the biggest and brightest stars in film and music including the likes of Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman, Harrison Ford, Angelina Jolie, Will Smith, Willie Nelson, Ozzy Osbourne, Tiesto, and Sandra Bullock, as well as a series of sports, travel and business articles including features on luminaries like Sir Richard Branson.

Salfen is a serial entrepreneur in the media industry, having started and/or built up several outlets in every type of media. He also serves as a consultant for a wide variety of companies, even those outside of media. In addition to freelancing for top newspapers, magazines and websites, including The Dallas Morning News, Quick, La Mode, SUCCESS and New York Resident, Salfen has been a weekly guest on local TV (ABC, FOX), radio (CNN Radio) and podcast shows and is currently working on a book.


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