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We talked to Blue October's Justin Furstenfeld about his eight-year sobriety and film "GET BACK UP."  The documentary, which was filmed over seven years,  made a  limited theatrical debut last  month and will be available wide on May 15th. In the film, Furstenfeld details  his  depression, addiction, and despair which was leading him down a

Interview by Christine Thompson Late last year, Rachel released a searing testament to self-empowerment  "Gold," the first single off her upcoming EP, and today launches "Crazy House,"  a song that spins in a completely different musical direction. further showcasing a broad reach.   We speak with Rachel about the inspiration for the new EP, and the
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For many horror fans, The Beyond is one of the most memorable films in their discovery of the genre. It’s the second film in Lucio Fulci’s “Gates of Hell” trilogy, falling between City of the Living Dead in 1980 and The House by the Cemetery, also in 1981. Often called “an Italian Southern Gothic supernatural
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