Comedian Ana Buenrostro: On Turning 25 And Playing The Addison Improv (September 3rd)



See Ana Buenrostro at the Addison Improv Sept. 3rd.  Tickets HERE


Ana Buenrostro is a Dallas based stand-up comic born and slightly raised in Guadalajara, MX.She began her career in standup comedy at 21 years old and, 5 years later, she continues to make questionable decisions.With her multicultural upbringing, Ana provides a unique perspective to all of the topics she approaches in her act, recounting her experiences with dating, working and living as a young millennial in America.She currently works at comedy clubs all over the nation including and has worked with comedians such as Beth Stellings, King Bach, Luis J Gomez, Dean Edwards, Gary Owen, Amir K, Noel G, and more…


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