HBO’s CRAZY NOT INSANE: Unlocking The Mystery Of Why People Kill (Producer Ophelia Harutyunyan Interview)


Paul Salfen talks to  Producer Ophelia Harutyunyan about  CRAZY NOT INSANE and Dr. Dorothy Oltnow’s research on the role trauma and abuse plays upon the formation of a serial killer.  Hautyunuan, a former lawyer, talks about her impetus to produce this film.

Psychiatrist Dr. Dorothy Otnow Lewis has dedicated her career to the study of murderers, seeking answers to the question of why we kill. CRAZY, NOT INSANE, directed and produced by Academy Award®-winner Alex Gibney (HBO’s “Agents of Chaos” and “The Inventor: Out For Blood in Silicon Valley”) debuted WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 18. This provocative documentary explores, like a scientific detective story, Dr. Lewis’s lifelong attempts to look beyond the grisly details of homicides into the hearts and minds of the killers themselves.


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