Sepultura’s Max Cavalera Talks About May/June US Tour RETURN BENEATH ARISE


Interview by Paul Salfen

Mike Leon of Soulfly and Daniel Gonzalez from Possessed will be joining
the Cavalera brothers on stage for the Return Beneath Arise US tour.

Daniel Gonzalez photo credit: Jason Carlson

“Beneath The Remains/Arise tour is coming! Introducing on bass guitar, thrashing and blasting bass beast Mike Leon (Soulfly) and on lead guitar, state of the art, death/thrash expert, Daniel Gonzalez (Possessed/Gruesome). We’re gonna take these songs to the Metal world in the most brutal way ever! Under a pale gray sky, we shall Arise.” – Max Cavalera

“We can only count with the illest players to step on stage with me and Max to play Beneath/Arise. So getting Dan Gonzalez from Possessed/Gruesome and Mike Leon from Soulfly was an amazing choice!… Can’t wait to hit the road!” – Iggor Cavalera

“I am super excited to be a part of the revival of these classic albums with the brothers that created them, it is a great honor! These shows are gonna CRUSH, and I’m sure that we are gonna deliver these songs better than they have ever been played before to everyone who joins us! See you on the road!” – Mike Leon

Mike Leon photo credit: Andrea Chile

“It would be an understatement to say that I am incredibly stoked and honored to be able to play with Max and Iggor, and the fact that we’ll be playing material from Beneath The Remains and Arise is beyond surreal to me since I grew up worshiping those albums. Max and Iggor helped change the standards of extreme Metal and those albums are still living proof of that. It’s insane to me as a fan and as a musician to be able to play these songs live, and I can’t wait to do them justice!!!” – Daniel Gonzalez

Celebrate with original founding members of influential heavy metal legends and RIAA Gold-Certified Sepultura. Max & Iggor Cavalera will perform a hybrid setlist exclusively of cuts from these two iconic albums Beneath the Remains and Arise. This tour runs throughout the United States in May and June of 2022.

Since Sepultura’s formation over 30 years ago, the Cavalera brothers have each seen unparalleled success in the music industry. Max’s more recent work with Soulfly, Go Ahead And Die, Cavalera Conspiracy (also featuring Iggor) and Killer Be Killed, in addition to Iggor’s projects MIXHELL, Petbrick, and Soulwax, proves the lasting power of the Cavalera legacy.

It’s safe to say that the releases of Beneath The Remains (1989) and Arise (1991) completely changed the landscape of metal music throughout the world.

Max Cavalera states “After Covid-19 us Metal Heads need to release our aggression with some Beneath The Remains and Arise!” Iggor Cavalera adds “Can’t wait to perform our “Return Beneath Arise” Tour for our North American fans. See you in the Pit!!!”


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