STAND: A Musical About The General Worker Strikes of 1919 (Interview With Director Robert Adetuyi and Actress Laura Wiggins


Interview by Paul Salfen

A Fathom One Night Event (In Theaters December 1st, 2020)

1919. Stefan and his father Mike fled Ukraine for the New World, where they struggle to earn enough to reunite the family. Stefan is instantly smitten with the Jewish suffragette neighbour, Rebecca – but Rebecca’s brother Moishe and Mike oppose the would-be Romeo and Juliet. Returned soldiers, angry at the lack of jobs after the war, violently threaten the city’s immigrants, including Emma, the refugee from racist violence in Oklahoma. When a movement develops for workers to leave their jobs in protest, AJ Anderson, a wealthy lawyer, pits all against each other in a dramatic and inspirational final stand.

An immigrant Romeo & Juliet battle for love and a better life during a time of social upheaval, the musical  is set against the true story of the general worker strikes of 1919. 


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