AMERICAN GODS: Interview With Actors Yetide Badaki (Bilquis) And Bruce Langley (Tech Boy)


Interview by Paul Salfen

Paul Salfen talks to Actors Yetide Badaki (Bilquis) And Bruce Langley (Tech Boy) from American Gods, a drama  on Starz based upon Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same name.

It stars Ricky Whittle as Shadow Moon (see our interview with Ricky HERE) and Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday and depicts a growing conflict between “Old Gods” and “New Gods”.

Bilquis is the legendary Queen of Sheba who ruled the city of Ma’rib in Yemen thousands of years ago where she was worshiped by her people in nocturnal rituals of orgiastic nature.

Technical Boy is one of the New Gods and, as a personification of the Internet, he is a purveyor of all things related to technology. Desperate to prove himself, and hungry for respect and power, he struggles to keep his impulsivity and petulance in check, making him dangerously unpredictable.


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