Review by Paul Salfen

This is Paul Salfen with your KLAK Movie Minute. In theaters this weekend is Babylon, the epic 3 hour-plus old Hollywood extravaganza from Damien Chazelle that shows the old prim and proper Tinseltown was nothing like we imagined it to be. Starring Brad Pitt as an aging silent film star and Margot Robbie as a budding young starlet at the end of the silent era, the film follows the absolute unhinged debauchery of the time that not many people seem to know or talk about. It’s loud, wild, flashy, vulgar, gratuitous, and even gross and shocking at times, but what a ride! The performances are top notch. The look and feel of the era is astounding from the costumes to the sets to the props, but it’s a lot to take in and certainly won’t be for everyone – a family Christmas watch this is not. To give you an idea, the opening few moments feature an elephant unloading a giant mess on people and a drug/nudity combination that will raise your eyebrows. It certainly makes a statement and will be talked about, especially over awards season. Go in with an open mind and extra time on your hands and be prepared for the wildest movie of the season. That’s it for this week. Join me next week and every week for another Movie Minute right here on 97.5 KLAK and AMFM Magazine.


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