FANTASTIC FEST 2020: Bloodthirsty


Interview with Director Amelia Moses and Co-writer and producer Wendy Hill-Tout of Voice Pictures

Interview by Paul Salfen

Indie Singer Grey is riding high on a hit first album, but she’s having writer’s block. In search of inspiration for her sophomore effort, Grey agrees to craft her next album at renowned producer Vaughn Daniels’ secluded cabin. Her girlfriend, however, is hesitant about the partnership, fearful that Vaughn is too controlling and – given his controversial past as a suspected murderer – too dangerous.

As Grey’s relationship with Vaughn develops, her music and lyrics become more powerful. Vaughn helps Grey beat down imposter syndrome and awaken a new part of herself. She taps into her body, her instincts, and ultimately her primal nature, but something else starts to change. The ferocity she accesses in her mind manifests itself in haunting nightmares and horrific physical changes. How far will Grey go to succeed, and who (or what) will she be by the end?

Lauren Beatty and Greg Bryk give stellar performances as two artists grappling with their inner demons and losing sight of their humanity. Lowell, who provides original music for the film and co-wrote the script with Wendy Hill-Tout, adds another dimension of meaning and entertainment value through her lyrics and hit-worthy songs.

Set in a snowy cabin far removed from society, it feels ripe for our times as isolation takes its toll. The film questions who we become when we’re left entirely to our devices without outside pressures. Is the person we are in these circumstances the truest reflection of ourselves, or something insidiously untamed?

Amelia Moses proves herself to be a hardworking, prolific director to watch, having just premiered her debut feature BLEED WITH ME weeks before the Fantastic Fest world premiere of BLOODTHIRSTY. Moses artfully directs tumultuous relationships and constructs realistic portraits of unrequited love, unspeakable desires, and bodily horrors to maximum effect.


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