Father-son duo Rick and Richie Daniels have been barbecuing together most of Richie’s life, starting at the big family gatherings on their ranch in San Saba, Texas. “When I got older and into high school it got a bit more serious. Now we are going public with it,” said Richie, former star football player at Six Man Texas State Champions Richland Springs High.

Recently, 7 Diamond Catering started to get buzz for feeding crowds of more than a hundred people at a time. Word of mouth from backyard barbecues they catered led to tailgate parties for college and professional football, and even corporate events.

Richie’s father said “My son amazes me. He is always trying new things, the sides and the sauces. My favorite right now is the smoked mac and cheese.”

Richie added “Right now we can cook up to a hundred pounds of meat, with 20-30 racks of ribs and pulled pork.”

A typical party menu includes brisket, ribs, pulled pork,  chicken, and sausage, with innovative sides.  We talked to Richie Daniels at a college graduation party where he had been up all night cooking.

Richie Daniels of 7 Diamond Catering

AMFM:  I just couldn’t stop eating those ribs! So your family was always having parties, and your large cookouts were a central part of it. It’s a natural extension to start doing this for other people, right?

RICHIE:  Yes, whenever we had family parties growing up, there were huge parties, and Dad was in charge of cooking the main course.  Through the years, we both started challenging each others, then that turned into a business idea.

AMFM:  How long did it take you to launch this business idea?  

RICK:  In the last 6 months. We started with a party of more than a hundred people.

AMFM:  Then you had the college graduation party where we tasted some of the bbq. It was amazing. Can you give me an idea of your menu?  

DAD:  Brisket ribs pulled pork chicken sausage, you’re typical bbq, beans and potato salad. And a lot of Thanksgiving Turkeys.

RICHIE:  We are starting to add more sides.

AMFM: So what’s the biggest party you can handle?  Like a corporate event?

RICK:  Hard to say cause I can always get bigger smokers.  I just need a heads up. 100 pounds of each meat easy now.  We figure a pound of meat per person. Uncooked.  

For more information on 7 Diamond Catering or to contact Rick and Richie Daniels see their  WEBSITE  or check out the FACEBOOK page.


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