Interview by Paul Salfen

With five children and a close-knit community of family and friends Jen Hatmaker has been sharing her love of cooking and food with her fans for years. Now in FEED THESE PEOPLE she’s compiled all her favorite sure-thing recipes into one personal and highly entertaining cookbook, including chapters like Food for Breakfast (or brunch so you can drink), Food for Your Picky Spouse or Spawn, and Food for When You Have No More Damns to Give. This is real food for real people, with recipes like, Texas Migas, Green Chili Taco Cups, Risotto with Whatever You Have, Friday Night Roast Chicken (on a Thursday), Peach Corn Cakes, and so much more! And it is all paired with vibrant photography that’s as bold and lively as Jen herself, all recipes are sure to please, written for ordinary home cooks—Jen is one herself!—and infused with personal notes, asides, and stories in her candid and irreverent style. With fans and friends including the likes of Joanna Gaines, Ree Drummond and Jennifer Garner, Jen hatmaker is dishing up real food with her sure-thing recipes.


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