Kara Connolly Intimately Reimagines The All-American Reject’s First Hit “Swing, Swing” in Honor of 16th Anniversary


Singer/Actress Kara Connolly’s haunting new cover of The All-American Reject’s very first single, “Swing, Swing” is a devastatingly beautiful reminder of the desperation and loneliness that accompany broken hearts and lost love.

The singer-songwriter releases her homage to the band in honor of the 16th anniversary of their debut album (The All-American Rejects, Oct. 15, 2002). The band is releasing a special, limited edition “Sweet 16” vinyl pressing of the record on October 26th for Ten Bands One Cause.

The multi-talented Connolly is also an actress, whose screen credits include acting, producing, directing and writing. At one point she was Emma Stone’s stand in for Amazing Spider Man 2, and Mischa Barton’s stand in for I will Follow You Into The Dark.

Connolly’s version of “Swing Swing”  is marked by moody sweeps and airy vocals,  an intimate reinterpretation of the fan favorite which perfectly highlights the song’s raw vulnerability.

Even the flow of the song, with a soft start, rising middle and cathartic ending, manages to hit you with an intensity so eerily similar to that of a relationship’s demise.

“I’ve always loved The All-American Rejects,” Kara says. “Their music got me going to live shows…Swing, Swing was one of my favorite songs growing up. It has a special place in my memory.” She reflects on her choice to cover the pop-punk banger, “The band’s version is pretty angsty, triumphant and anthemic, but listening to the lyrics over and over again as I have throughout the years made me realize that the song’s sentiment is actually quite melancholic. I love the heart-on-your-sleeve vibe of that entire record so I wanted to put my own spin on it and honor a band I’ve always admired. Recording this cover made me really emotional. I found that I could now connect in a way that I hadn’t as a kid. It brought me back to this incredibly desperate place in which you just want anyone to help you through the deep sadness and loss of (in my case) a first love.”


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