Review by Paul Salfen

This is Paul Salfen with your KLAK Movie Minute. In theaters this weekend is Nope, the new film from Jordan Peele that, as expected, is quite a spectacle and is sure to thrill and chill. While more sci-fi than horror, there are still some scary moments that one might expect after seeing US and Get Out, but this has less in the way of overt social commentary, but don’t think it’s not there – it definitely is. While our aliens don’t show up until 30 minutes in and don’t really appear untilĀ over an hour and 15 or so, the tension, suspense, and anticipation is at the highest level. Starring Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, and Steven Yuen, this film follows caretakers at a California horse ranch that provides horses for films that encounter a force that affects animals and people in a wild way – and it’s up to them to stop the recurring visit. The rest should be discovered on screen. See it in IMAX for the full effect. Say yes to NOPE! That’s it for this week. Join me next week and every week for another Movie Minute right here on 97.5 KLAK and AMFM Magazine.


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