SECRETS OF THE WHALES: Photographer Brian Skerry, Composer Raphaelle Thibaut On Whale’s Complex Societies and Culture


Interview by Paul Salfen

Paul Salfen and Drew Pearson talk to Brian Skerry, a photojournalist specializing in marine wildlife and underwater environments. He is currently featured in the upcoming Disney+ original series SECRETS OF THE WHALES, where he traveled the world to chronicle the mysterious and beautiful world of whales.

Since 1998 he has been a contributing photographer for National Geographic magazine. In 2014 he was named a National Geographic Society Photography Fellow, and an NGS Storytelling Fellow in 2017, the same year he was awarded the title of Rolex National Geographic Explorer of the Year.

Disney+ original series Secrets of the Whales, from National Geographic, premieres Earth Day, April 22. The three-year project will also be featured in the new National Geographic book Secrets of the Whales, on sale April 6, and the May issue of National Geographic magazine, The Ocean Issue, available online on April 15.


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