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Interview by Carla Sanchez Taylor (RiPple PUddlE) Greta Gerwig on the set of Ladybird By Carla Sanchez Taylor(RiPple PuDdle) Greta Gerwig is in front of me, looking fair-faced and elegant in an oddly oversized velvet chair, which she apologizes for immediately upon my entry. We discuss the oddness of the chairs in the room for

By Carla Sanchez Taylor (RiPpLe PuDdlE) Carla Sanchez Taylor is RiPpLe PudDle You may not know Doug Nichol. I didn’t know who he was until I had to research him to prepare for our interview for his newest film, California Typewriter. It turns out Mr. Nichol has worked on familiar and pretty culturally significant films,

Interview by Carla Sanchez Taylor by Carla Sanchez Taylor (RiPple Puddle) The lights dim. You sit down in your theatre seat maybe noticing the crunching sound of your neighbor anxiously chew-chew-chewing their popcorn. If you’re sitting in the movie theatre, it is because a variety of orchestrations have succeeded at getting you there. It means