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Amy Eliza Wong is the founder of Always on Purpose®, keynote speaker and transformational coach who empowers professionals, leaders and teams to accomplish their personal and professional goals, and achieve outcomes they never thought possible.

As a thought leader, Amy advises top executives and leads groups on topics ranging from overcoming internal barriers, building resiliency and trust, Conversational Intelligence®, and authentic leadership. For over ten years, she has successfully collaborated with hundreds of leaders at notable organizations such as Airbnb, Roku, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Facebook as well as universities and non-profits.

Amy is an expert in equipping her clients with the skills to heighten self-awareness, increase trust, create mutual success, and transform stagnant corporate cultures into thriving communities of collaboration and innovation. From consulting one-on-one, in groups, or on a stage, Amy has an international reputation as the go-to coach for many of today’s founders and CEOs striving to become more effective leaders.

As part of her unique process, she shares creative strategies to help people better connect with their audience – whether they are giving a keynote, running a meeting, or motivating their team – and inspires them to awaken to “their power, their truth, and ultimately, their joy.”

In 2011, Amy launched Always on Purpose® for leaders and teams looking for help in transforming their work cultures, developing talent, improving retention, and increasing their overall well-being.

Previously, Amy worked in Silicon Valley at Sun Microsystems/Oracle and IDEO in roles ranging from technical training creation and delivery to user interface design and program management. At IDEO, a global design company committed to creating positive impact, she provided leadership and support to a community of designers emphasizing personal and professional growth, culture, community, and compelling design. These experiences, combined with her compassionate approach to coaching, create a unique blend of valuable skills, including analytical thinking, technical expertise, program management, and culture and community building.

Amy has a diverse portfolio featuring a wealth of accomplishments. She was one of the first 250 coaches worldwide to be certified in Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ), a researched-proven method used to create deeper connections with others in the face of conflicting points of view.

She also frequently instructs students at Stanford University and UC Berkeley as part of their professional development programs. In addition to teaching Amy also runs womens’ empowerment retreats to address challenging workplace dynamics and learn to effectively step into one’s power and authenticity.

Today, she continues to bring her passion and commitment to individuals seeking to take their lives and work to the next level, empowering them to take intellectual risks to create the interpersonal and professional worlds they deeply desire.


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