Berlin’s Terri Nunn Talks Career Path Divergence And New Release STRINGS ATTACHED


Interview by Paul Salfen

Princess Leia in Star  Wars?  Nope. Lucy Ewing in the eponymous TV series Dallas?  No thank you.  These are both acting parts Terri Nunn tried for before she was even 20 years old,.. actually landing the Dallas role and then rejecting it.  Why?  Because her true passion is music – and we are so glad Terri Nunn took the risk and diverged in that direction,  or we never would have gotten such iconic music from Berlin,  the 80;s synth band that was ahead of their time and place.  Listen as Paul Salfen and Terri Nunn converse about the early days of Berlin, why she turned down the part that eventually went to Charlene Tilton, and Berlin’s newest release, STRINGS ATTACHED.  A beautifully arranged, 12 song album with  hits like “Take My Breath Away,” and “Sex II’m a…) backed by a full philharmonic orchestra, this release should be a must on a Christmas gift list for fans old and new alike.


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