Interview by Paul Salfen

SYNOPSIS: A high school student with a booming drug business gets in over his head when he’s forced by cops to go undercover and ensnare a major dealer and his syndicate. From the outside, Aiden (Edouard Philoppannot, House of Gucci) seems to have it all: cash, a new ride, a beautiful girlfriend and a future full of opportunity. But his swagger masks a darkness. In a final act of desperation, his mother turns him over to the police. Detective Wall (Cameron Douglas) presents Aiden with an offer: set up volatile dealer Local Legend (Eric Balfour, “The Offer”, “Six Feet Under”) or be tried as an adult and go to prison. THE RUNNER is an intense, riveting action/drama from director Michelle Danner and writer Jason Chase Tyrrell.

  I saw a news report on police enforcement forcing children to go undercover wearing wires and using them as sacrificial lambs. Lives were at stake and no one was reigning anyone in. And that inspired me to tell the story about a kid that could be saved. The Runner is a movie about one gets trapped into doing the unthinkable. Through a suspense action thriller, I hope this film shows grownups into recognizing the signs of addiction and self-destruction before it’s too late. Our kids need help. Too many fall through the cracks. I wanted to tell a story that will wake people up. What if everyone that recognizes a sign did something about it? Too often people that could step up and make a difference. Don’t. The price is the ultimate one. – Michelle Danner, Director


Cameron Douglas – Detective Wall


Actor, Writer, and Producer Cameron Douglas most recently starred in the independent film THE RUNNER as well as WIRE ROOM opposite Bruce Willis and Kevin Dillon.  Cameron will next appear opposite Tom Holland in THE CROWDED ROOM for Apple TV+. as well as opposite Michael Douglas in the upcoming film BLOOD KNOT.  He is the author of the best-selling memoir LONG WAY HOME from Knopf Publishing.


Eduoard Philipponnat – Aiden


Edouard Philipponnat is a French-Finnish Actor born in 1999. 

He attended a Swedish school at a young age and thereafter began studying at a school in Switzerland, which followed an international curriculum. He speaks 4 languages (Finnish, Swedish, English and French).

Philipponnat’s passion for acting began at the age of 13, when he was cast as a young squire in ‘Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer’s Curse’. Since then, Philipponnat has starred in several projects involving intense preparation.

After appearing in Ridley Scott’s ‘House of Gucci’, Philipponnat played The Mad Hatter in ‘Get Lost,’ a new live action reimagining of ‘Alice in Wonderland.’  Philipponnat recently finished shooting ‘Napoleon’ opposite Joaquin Phoenix, reteaming with director Ridley Scott in this film playing Tsar Alexander, the infamous rival of Napoleon Bonaparte.



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