Interview by Paul Salfen

New Study Reveals 75% of Parents Agree Their Child Does Not Play Outside as Often as They Did When They Were Kids

Beloved Design Duo and Parents of Two, Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent, Dish on How Getting Outside Boosts Family Time and Your Chance to Boost Your Own Backyard

They may be one of America’s sweetheart INTERIOR design couples, but Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent know how to make the best of any space, indoors or out. Add their adorable kids – Poppy & Oskar – to that space and voila! It’s a picture-perfect interior! (Or exterior!)

Like every other family in the world, during the Pandemic, the hosts of “The Nate and Jeremiah Home Project,” Nate and Jeremiah by Design,” and repeat judges on “Rock the Block” looked for creative ways to entertain their kids, which led them outside as much as possible. The two parents, and their “city kids,” became outdoor experts in their backyard metropolis, exploring parks, discovering new green spaces, and identifying the plants and animals that also call the space home.

According to a new survey from Claritin, three quarters of parents surveyed (75%) believe their child does not play outside as often as they did when they were kids. Inspired by their own childhood memories of playing outdoors, and wanting the same for all kids, Nate and Jeremiah are teaming up on a new project to encourage families everywhere to get outside – whatever their “outside” looks like! And who better to help one lucky family create the perfect backyard for all ages to enjoy?


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