Fantastic Fest 2021 Documentary CANNON ARM AND THE ARCADE QUEST: Director Mads Hedegaard Talks About Friendship And Arcade Games


Interview by Paul Salfen

Kim Cannon Arm is not your average grandpa. With killer hand-eye coordination and a mean mullet, he’s a legendary fixture at Copenhagen’s Bip Bip Bar, and renowned for playing the 80s arcade game Gyrrus for 49 hours straight on a single coin. With help from his buddies at the bar, a community of heroic outsiders who support one another no matter what, Kim attempts to obliterate his previous record and play for 100 consecutive hours. Dense with nerdy narration and deep thoughts, quantum physics and pattern recognition, this quest follows Kim and the gang as they apply their collective knowledge to the task at hand—leaving their mark on the world and paying tribute to a fallen friend. Exploding with 8-bit flair, this quirky comedy about friendship expands the spectrum of what constitutes success and social norms. This is Rocky for fighters who use their wrists instead of fists and the muscle between their ears! Directed by Mads Hedegaard.


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