Fantastic Fest 2021: Malcolm McDowell, Director Charlotte Colbert and Alice Krige On Horror Film SHE WILL


Interview by Paul Salfen

From Fantastic Fest;s Official Website:

Famous actress Veronica Ghent (Alice Krige) just had a double mastectomy so she travels to a retreat in Scotland, accompanied by young nurse Desi (Kota Eberhardt), in order to recuperate. Veronica’s career was launched by her performance in a film called “Navajo Frontier” which also cemented the reputation of its director Eric Hathbourne (Malcolm McDowell), soon the recipient of a knighthood. It’s this fame that creates a stir from the other starstruck guests when she arrives at the remote hotel. Horrified at so much attention, and wanting tranquility, she relocates with Desi to a small cabin in the woods. Strange events begin occurring, unsettling memories involving Hathbourne resurface, and Veronica starts to sleepwalk around the forest.

SHE WILL is the first feature film by Franco-British photographer, artist, and filmmaker Charlotte Colbert, and it’s quite a visual feast for the eyes. Starring fantastic actors Alice Krige (who will always be the Borg Queen in my mind), Malcolm McDowell, and Rupert Everett, and exquisitely scored by Clint Mansell – who delivers powerful and haunting music (doesn’t he always?) – the story centers on a woman who shut down and toughened up after a trauma in her life. The power radiating from her natural surroundings, which is soaked with the pain and memories of women who were wronged on those lands ages ago, will give Veronica the means and will she needed to free herself from the past. SHE WILL is a story about good versus evil and the power of nature, as well as being a philosophical tale about legacy, revenge, and empowerment. (ANNICK MAHNERT)


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