Fantastic Fest 2021: V/H/S/94 Directors Chloe Okuno, Simon Barrett , Ryan Prows Jennifer Reeder, and producer Josh Goldbloom


Interview by Paul Salfen

The first entry in the found footage anthology series since 2014’s V/H/S: VIRAL, V/H/S/94 serves up four more horror story ragers and shows that there are still plenty of unique ideas left in the format. Shot entirely during the pandemic, V/H/S/94 uses its limited sets to its advantage, churning out clever shocks and scares from every location using a plethora of new camera tricks.

Returning to the series is Simon Barrett — whose entry focuses on an overnight wake at a funeral home — and Timo Tjahjanto, who again delivers batshit insanity with a mad scientist tale. Newcomer Chloe Okuno directs the misadventures of a reporter and her cameraman as they investigate a local legend in the sewers, and Ryan Prows presents a militia group who have a new weapon in their war on the government. Also joining for the first time is Jennifer Reeder, who directs the film’s wraparound about a SWAT team raiding a warehouse where they make some rather ghastly discoveries.

Each segment in V/H/S/94 fully embraces the series’ hardcore horror sensabilties and its commitment to its own mythos. The result is a consistently fun and brutal experience filled to the brim with terror and gore, a celebration of horror and its sometimes cult-like following. In other words, the perfect movie to unleash on the midnight crowd at Fantastic Fest! (BRIAN KELLEY)


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