LONG STORY SHORT: Zahra Newman On Starring In Romantic Comedy About Life’s Second Chances


Interview by Paul Salfen

LONG STORY SHORT stars the ensemble cast of Rafe Spall (The Big Short), Zahra Newman (Truth), Ronny Chieng (Crazy Rich Asians, Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show”)Dena Kaplan (“Dance Academy”) and Noni Hazlehurst (Little Fish). This is the sophomore feature directorial film from Josh Lawson (Showtime’s “House of Lies”) who also wrote the film.

 Influenced by works of fiction such as Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life and Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Lawson was drawn to the idea of being able to look at an entire life in snapshots and learning a lesson that way. The message of the film is to make the most of every moment and don’t waste time because you never know how long you’ve got. Right now in the world it’s important to remember how precious life is and how each moment is a gift.

SYNOPSIS: Serial procrastinator Teddy (Rafe Spall) wakes up the morning after his wedding to discover that every few minutes he’s jumping forward to the next year of his life. Watching his future flash before his eyes, Teddy must make every second count if he is to win back the woman he loves in this feel good comedy about second chances.


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